Use you CRM contacts in Outlook mails

Dynamics CRM for Outlook Plugin has a nice feature not used (or known) by many: You can easily send mails to CRM Leads or Contacts (or other e-mail enabled entities). Here is how:

Step 1: Make Outlook look into CRM contacts:

Open Outlook with CRM plugin already installed and configured. Head for File Menu and CRM and Options:

When option screen appears you should head for the Address Book tab

(in step 6 you specify which other entities you would like to select – including e-mail enabled custom entities).

Click OK to save your Personal Options

Step 2: Start using it!

Create a new e-mail in Outlook and click To in order to select CRM Contacts or Leads. In the Addressbook (adressekartotek in Danish) drop down you find the relevant CRM Entity to search for. You can also search from the search field when selected (but use first name).

That’s it!




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