In online Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Sales (CRM) I have experienced an error when trying to edit the default model driven app. The error message is general and without any clue to what is wrong.

But here is how I managed to get rid of the error and again being able to edit the Saleshub App:

  1. Create a new solution (i.e. call it temp)
  2. Add only one element to the solution: the Saleshub App
  3. Export the new solution to you download folder
  4. In your download folder unzip the solution
  5. In the unzipped folder locate customizations.xml and open it in notepad
  6. Locate the following four lines containing “Type 60” entries:
  7. Delete the 4 lines with Type 60 AppModuleComponents
  8. Save the edited customizations.xml
  9. Zip the three extracted files to a new solution ZIP file
  10. Re-import the edited solution into Dynamics 365 CE, and Voila! you should be able to edit the Saleshub modeldriven app without errors